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  • 4 vs. 6

    Ok... ever since I bought the money hungry black beast of a Jeep I have been thinking about swapping from the mighty 4 banger to a 6 cyl.... well I have a few Q's about it...

    1. Whats it gonna take? Obviously the motor, ecu, wire harness... but what else? Am I going to have to relocate mounts?
    2. Whats it gonna do to my gas milage? Right now I get pretty shitty, bout 13mpg turning 31's. I would imagine th six would get better due to less work to turn the tires...
    3. Will the six turn 33's fine if I decided to go bigger down the road? (this would be once its not a daily driver so gas milage wouldnt be an issue anymore)
    4. What 6cyl to get? I already have a 6cyl bell housing and tranny...

    I dont think th 4 banger is gonna last much longer.....
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    you'll need a transfer case too, unless you are planning to rebuild it with an input shaft to acccept the ax15 transmission.

    if it is a manual trans [ax15] the 4.10 gears from your 4 cyl jeep will work well with 33 inch tires. if it is an auto.. you'll want 35" tires. otherwise a regear is something to consider.

    gas milage will be about the same, but the driving experience will be much more fun.

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      Hmmm... the tranny is still an AX-5, says it came outta a 93 wrangler? 6cyl. The only difference was the bell housing, the clutch lines and what not all came in the drivers side so I had to get a clutch line from the 93 6cyl.

      My biggest question though is about the mounts... are they going to be the same?
      Yellow 01 Sport
      4" Pro Comp lift | D44 | 33x12.5 Duratracs


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        New mounts, in different spots. And the AX-5 from the 2.5L is now junk, the 4.0L comes with an AX-15 instead.
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