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  • mparker
    Still Confused

    01 TJ inline 6 and 3-speed auto

    After a weekend of working on this I am still befuddled. The speedo gear is definately contacting, and spinning (I used a gear contact fluid on the speedo gear and saw it on the transfer case sensor), yet I am still not getting a reading on my speedometer.

    The gas gauge still doesn't work as well. I did the 3x code diagnostic, and I am getting p0463 and p0500.

    P0463 - Fuel Level Sending Unit Volts Too High

    P0500 - No Vehicle Speed Sensor Signal

    I have followed the wire as best I can and I do not see any inappropriate grounds. I have tried disconnecting the battery (reset the computer), and replacing the fuses etc. but I still have the problem.

    Anyone have any ideas on this?



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  • mparker
    started a topic Gas Gauge

    Gas Gauge

    OK.... Before a nice long drive from So Cal to the Sacramento area, I pulled my speedo gear out. It was the wrong one and was registering much faster than I was going. I have one on order but i hadn't received it yet. During this drive, the gas gauge just stopped working. It registers empty all the time.

    Made for a right pain in the &%$ since I had to stop to refuel every hundred miles or so, registered on the GPS.

    My question is, I know that the gas gauge and the speedo gear run up to the main computer in the same wire harness, but there is no way that one would cause the other right? It doesn't seem logical to me, but the cooincidence of the timing leaves me wondering. I have plans to climb under the Jeep and install the new speedo gear and look at the problem with the gas gauge this weekend. I just figured that maybe somebody might have seen this before.