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05 unlimited rear window pops out


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  • 05 unlimited rear window pops out

    Hello everyone, hope everyone had a good day.

    I have an 05 unlimited hard top. When I shut the door, the back flip up window pops out slightly, where the tail-gate holds the window in...that is where it pops out. I talked to the local dealer and they said it was because there is too much pressure and that is where it gives and there is nothing they could do about it. So when I shut the door the rear pops a bit and rattles when I drive...

    I had a 97 soft top before, so I never had this problem...

    Anyone else have this problem????

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    dealership is wrong, there isn't too much pressure. and you are correct, the window is ONLY held shut but the tailgate, once you have the window shut, then close the tailgate, the window becomes secured. sounds to me like you do not have the top seated correctly. does the window open when you just close the tailgate, or while driving down the road? when the top is properly seated, and the tailgate is closed, the lower window lip will be 2-4 inches below the top height of the tailgate. make sure you have all of the top bolts in correctly, if you do, then i would check the hydraulic cylinders that support the window, to make sure they are properly tensioned...low
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      I just got it...It only has about 100 miles on it. I have not taken the top off yet... It does pop out when I am driving and I can just pull on it and it will pop out...

      I went and measured...The very bottom of the rubber seal below the window only sits about an inch below the tail gate???


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        Dealer replaced rear lower seal. The new seal has a plastic piece that keeps the rear window shut or from popping out when you close the door...


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          I had a similar problem with mine since day one (03 Rubicon). I just put a piece of cardboard between the tailgate and the window when closing. This time around (when it's time to put the hard top back on), I'm going to bolt a piece of rubber on my spare tire carrier which will hold the window in place when shut. I have an extra one left over from taking the stock spare off.

          There are three rubber pieces there ... I left one on the tailgate which comes in contact with the other one that I've put on the Warn spare carrier to keep it tight and prevent it from vibrating. The third one will be perfect for this

          ... or maybe I should go get this new seal
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            I would go get that new seal. It works great...