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Newbie Needs Tips For Building a TJ


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  • Newbie Needs Tips For Building a TJ

    hey guys, whats up? this is my first post here in the MJR forums and I thought I would get straight to the point. I want to get a TJ soon and I was wondering what upgrades would be best for my terrain, driving style, etc.

    mostly I'll be driving on the street, but mpg isn't really important since I go to school for most of the day. as far as 4 wheeling goes, mostly it will be mud, some rocks, but no hardcore crawling since Laredo, TX is flat. I was looking at running maybe some 35" tires with a skyjacker lift. please post any suggestions and possibly parts I would need to go along with these mods. I know I would need a Dana 44 and some bigger gears, but any help would be greatly appreciated.

    thanks in advance! - Rudy -
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    35" means a lift of at least 5" preferably 6" or a 4" lift and a 1" body lift. Are you on a budget? that will be the biggest determining factor in what you do with your Jeep. 4" and 33's will get you through all but the nastiest trails. If your Jeep is your daily driver you may want to comprimise on how you build it to maintain street characteristics and reliability. Here in the desert the most important things off-road are clearance and traction. In mud the most imprtant things are tires and horsepower. Good luck with your new Jeep and let us know how it comes out!
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