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Tilt steering column loose


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  • Tilt steering column loose

    Hey guys I have a 88 wrangler and the tilt steering column wobbles at the tilt joint and I was wondering if anyone else has had this problem and knows how or what I need to do to tighten it. How do you remove the cover that covers the joint. Thanx in advance. R.K.

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    Never had that problem on a jeep, but I have had the same thing on a couple of chevy's. Both times I just tore the column down to the joint (pull the steering wheel, ignition lock, turn signal junk, etc) until I could access the 4 bolts holding the swivel together. Once they were tightened, the problem was gone.
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      That's what it is dollars to donuts. The tilt bolts are loose and you will kinda have to tear it most the way down to get to them. Some LocTite will prevent this in the future. My XJ is doing it now cause whoever rebuilt the column before I got it didn't LocTite them im sure. 99% of the time this is what's wrong and causes wobble. The more the bolts back off, the more wobble till it is just crazy outa control...
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