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cam & tec II direct ignition issues


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  • cam & tec II direct ignition issues

    Ok, so here's the situation...I have an 89 YJ with a straight 6 oversized cam, some amount of bore, and a electromotive tec direct ignition system. The engine is running like crap with a serious hesitation and very litle power relative to what I would expect to get out of the engine with only 50k on it rebuilt.

    I found a local mechanic that is familiar with the tec system, but we ran into a problem. The orignal owner (previous to me) had a engine shop build this motor and he has no clue how much the engine bore is or the degree of the cam. My mechanic isn't able to to tune the engine successfully without these details. All i could get out of the previous owner was that he had the largest cam installed the block could accept. Not much help needless to say. After asking around, I heard that there are only 2-3 companies that make a high performance cam for the 4.0L and if I could figure these out, I might be able to determine the degree on the cam.

    Or, if anyone out there can suggest a way of determining the cam info without actually pulling the shaft out, I am all ears. Any feedback or tips you can lend my way would be great...