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Brake problems


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  • Brake problems

    i have been having problems with the brakes on my jeep such as when i step on them it will pull hard left -- now im smart enough ( i think) to figure that means the left brake is applying more force than the right but how do i fix that??? any help would b wonderful. also how do you tighten the emergency brake? with mine all the way down it will still roll down a hill?? new pads maybe?? but my dad wont let me take anything off until he has written conformation so help me pleez.. thanx very much
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    You likely have either a caliper that is sticking, or a rear wheel cylinder that has a bad seal in it. In either case, it would be well worth the couple bucks to buy rebuild kits for the calipers and wheel cylinders. The last time I rebuilt calipers, I paid ~ $6 for the rebuild kits, wheel cylinder kits are about the same cost.

    While you are at it, replace the pads &/or shoes if they are worn (may as well do it all at once if they are in question....).

    As for adjusting the E-brake....first make sure your rear brakes are adjusted properly, and in good shape. Then look for the cable running from the e-brake pedal, running along the where it connects to another cable running from one rear brake to the other. The adjustment (IIRC) is there.....tighten the nut effectively shortening the cable.....but make sure the rear brakes are functioning and adjusted FIRST!!!!

    A good shop manual will have proceedures for both if you are unsure of the specifics. Just remember, the brake system is the single most important safety system on your jeep. For your safety, and that of everyone else on the road DO NOT cut corners with your brakes!

    good luck!
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