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Got my trailer! How do you tie-down?


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  • Got my trailer! How do you tie-down?

    Well, finally got our trailer! Found it not too far away from our home. It was in Lake Elsinore. It's a 16 foot tag-along made by Carson Trailer.

    Build date is 1/2004 and it is GVWR 9950 pounds (no DOT inspection under 10K, not sure about CDL requirement). Ramp storage in the back (not in the sides) and a very solid 10K coupler.

    Got it from Scotty over at Pirate4x4. Very nice fellow but had to give the trailer up on account of Homeowners Association CC&R's .

    The decking is a bit worn and the wiring is the usual Carson Trailer craftsmanship (needing looms and possibly replacement), but the Missus and I are delighted to not have to subject ourselves to highway driving in the TJ, esp with the rugrat on the way.

    Here are the for sale pics:

    Scotty was kind enough to toss in the ratchet straps and weld in 10K D-rings into the corners of the frame before I pick it up on Sunday.

    I found a couple of threads on other boards on how to tie-down that were very interesting, but I was curious how others here are doing it.

    I was thinking about just using ratchet straps on the axles and crossing the front pair. The other possibility was to use chains out back and straps in front. I don't think I can do the frame tie-downs to the trailer as the anti-rock covers up the slots in the frame.

    Airing up the tires to 32 PSI after chained/strapped seems like a good way to get them really snug. Will this be hard on the suspension bushings/heims?

    PS. anybody know of a cheap place to stash a 20' long car hauler? :wink:

    PPS. Deb insisted the broncoholics sticker on the frame (not shown) has to be replaced ASAP with a MJR decal. Can you help, Sarah?
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    Congrats Ted and Deb! Looks like a nice trailer!

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      Congrats, that rocks! That's a big 10-4 on those decals.
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        Nice trailer!! All the stuff I've ever towed (Jeeps and cars) we have always (for the most part) tied down to the axles or the tires. I think you'll be fine with this method, unless you have some stupid soft suspension. I'm not a fan of using the frame to tie stuff down. Example: one of the race cars gets tied down using on point in the front and 2 in the rear. This thing has maybe 2-3 inches of suspension travel. Everytime we stop we have to tighten the straps again. I would imagine the problem would get greater with more suspension travel.
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          Most of the guys I know out here with trailers use chains with hooks around the front axle (like most rollback tow trucks use). They drive onto the trailer, hook the front axle, back up so the chains are tight, then strap the rear axle.

          If you hook to the frame (of your jeep), your straps/chains will loosen up as the suspension settles while you drive.

          And who needs ramps????? You drive over rocks taller than the trailer....just drive onto the trailer.

          And finally, if you need a place to store it....I have a 10' gate on the south side of the house.....
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            Ted, this is how my setup is. Straps loop around axle and hook back to them selves. There is a tow truck supply place near my house that has lots of different straps.

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              No need to worry about the cdl requierment, It is only for 26,001 +lbs, As far as tie down requierments, securely tied down is legal and chris L's tie down set up looks very secure, (actually damn good), Just remember that when towing you are under the same rules as the big trucks, right two lanes only and 55mph.. but most chp dont seem to bother the people hauling fun trailers..
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                If you're going to drive up on to the trailer do yourself and your truck a favor and put some jack stands under the end first.
                Now as for attaching, I'm with everyone else here. Go to the axles.
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                  I don't like tying the axles at each end and then stretching the crap out of the suspension, loading all the link ends and then bouncing the whole mess down the road.

                  I built steel boxes to drive up against at half the height of the tire. That has tabs on top to pin one end of a 15,000 lb 3 inch ratchet strap that goes over the top of the tire. That goes under an elevated 1 1/4" piece of cold rolled round bar and then I have an anchor point that threads into a 2" square nut welded to a sub floor crossmember. That moves the ratchet back under the door of the rig after it crosses over the top of the tire.

                  The rig does not move in the slightest.

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                    Don't be fooled by that 26,001 lb CDL misconception.The actual GVWR is 18,001 lbs for a CDL.18,001 - 26,000lbs requires either a "Non-CDL C"or a "CDL C". This info is straight from DMV form MV-500C.The folks at the local DMV told me this liscence class was designed mostly for people driving motorhomes.
                    In NY DOT will stop vehicles towing racecars.If you could potentailly win money it becomes a commercial enterprise and must conform to all commercial DOT regulations.A DOT inspector once told me that on Friday nights he could stop me and I'd be subject to the DOT regulations(Friday night track paid $$$ for first 10 spots) and that if he stopped me on Saturday night I wouldn't be subject to DOT regs because the Saturday track only gave out trophies.I don't know what would happen on a Saturday if the DOT guy didn't know his race divisions.
                    Anyhow NICE trailer!!I too agree with hooking to the axle.And don't forget to load it tongue heavy.
                    P.S. I gave up racing stockcars to go Jeeping.Still subject to DOT regs every day with the tree trucks.
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