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    So I was out having a little fun yesterday on some local trails. Decided to try a spot that everyone says not tot go through cuz its deeps, sloppy, and I'm gonna get stuck.... what do they know right? So I try it, made it about 3/4 ways through, but the other end has a about a 10" ledge dealy thing that is hidden in the mud that you need to pop over to get onto hard ground.... well I dont have much ground clearance right now.... I didnt make it. Got stuck. When I was pulled out the very next "hole" ,if you wana call it that, my clutch went out. What it was is where the clutch line and the slave connect just pulled apart, must got caught on something. For the 4.0L tranny it there isnt anything that really keeps them from getting separated except friction, so even just a simple branch could cause this. Now to me this seems very stoooooopid and poorly designed. So is there any way people have come up with to prevent this from happening? Luckily it didnt happen in the spot I got stuck in. I'm guessing that when I got stuck it started to separate the two lines and the second hole just finished it. Luckily I was able to reconnect the lines and it held enough pressure to get me home, but next time I may not be as lucky.
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    Never heard of it seperating but you could check with someone like advanced adapters, they have a clutch slave kit for motor swaps thats got heavy duty threaded fittings and braided stainless lines. Should be far stronger.
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