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What trannys are you guys running


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  • What trannys are you guys running

    I have an 83 cj7 with a 350 conversion, and I just busted my t4.

    I am going to upgrade.

    have a few options

    th 400 with 208 transfer case ($300)

    700r4 with 208 ($550)

    sm465 with 208 (maybe a 205 they guy will check today)($500)

    Who is running these trannys? Comments suggestions.

    I know the dana 300 is the best transfer case, but the budget is tight and can't afford a $400+ adapter to keep it.


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    My opinion:

    If you like standards, go with the SM465. Nice granny gear.

    If you like autos, i prefer the 700r4 with the o/d, so that you can run a lower axle gearing, and still have some highway streetability.


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      TH 400 is bullet proof, but uses more power
      205 is bullet proof transfer, poor low range reduction
      208 is a OK transfer if you get it from the factory, but I would not intall it if I had a choice, has good low range
      700R4 works great in light vehicles, has a good overdive
      SM465 bullet proof manual, good first gear,
      1956 Willys Wagon restomod


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        If you are going to get an automatic, do look at the beefed up versions of the 700R4. My Corvette with 350 HP was bulletproof and lasted beyond 150K miles. My GMC has an RV rated 700R4 built by Mike's transmissions in Lancaster Ca. It is very rugged. I pull my boat up the Baker grade in the heat of August with my 340 HP 383 stroker and it just stays cool and has 40K miles on it. I do suggest that any Auto tranny use pure synthetic if used in the desert. The performance of synthetics makes up a lot of power lost to friction, and friction is heat... My CJ-7 has a T-5.
        Ford 9" rear, Dana 44 front, Detroit No spins F/R, 4.56 /1
        Bulletproof front bumper, Body Armor rear bumper
        MPFI 258ci I6 by Clifford
        35" BFG AT, 4 wheel disc brakes
        4.5" Superlift, 2" body lift
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          I decided to go the with 465 and 205. Found a better deal that I just couldn't pass up, plus I like the low first gear, I think it will make up for the poor gearing of the 205.


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            Check out "the doubler" a 203 rang box to a 205. 1 to 1, 2 to 1, and 4 to 1.
            1956 Willys Wagon restomod


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              Who make that? and is anyone running it?