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CJ5 Body Differences


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  • CJ5 Body Differences

    What are the differences in the '55-'75 and '76-'83 CJ5 bodies?Can later bodies be used on early frames?What modifications need to be done?
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    I think they bolt up? I know that a Commando uses the same body mounts as my '86, so that is not an issue. The only problem could be body mount placement. I believe the frames are the same, so I'm guessing that they are identical. I'm not positive though.
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      If you look in the last few pages (514-519) of Chilton's JEEP repair guide (no.6817) they list dimensions of various frames and mounting locations. But with a torch and a welder, you can pretty much mount anything to anything.


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        55-71 is one body style they are all the same.

        72-83 are the same.

        The major difference is in the front fenders. They were extended to make room for the straight six engine.

        Tubs are the same for the most part.

        Rake of the windshield is different.

        Check Early They have two areas. The early area, and the Intermediates that covers 72-75. Plus there are a lot of CJ-5 officionados and can more accurately answer this question.

        Hope some of this helps.


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          I hadn't thought of the "Early CJ-5" page.I am going to pick up a '73 CJ-5 Sunday.The body is rough but I may make this into a trail only Jeep(read that "keep my 18 year old son out of my'83 5 in the woods so I can drive it").I have seen some good deals on used '76-'83 CJ-5 tubs.When I get it home I'll be able to set it next to my '83 and get a good comparison.
          "Good Girls and Dirty Jeeps" a song by Opal Justice