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trans cooler/altanator


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  • trans cooler/altanator

    hope someone out there maybe can shed some light on this for me.
    recently finished a winch challenge competition, on two stages our YJ burst into flames, both times we were at quiet steep angles driving and winching, seems it tossed trans fliud out the breather, which is mounted pretty high no the fire wall, this coated the header pipes in oil, hence the fire. i know the trans is not "over full". it has been suggested to me that because we were driving the wheels and winching not moving fast at all, no air flow over the cooler, the trans fliud boiled and was throwen out the breather. the trans is a TF999 and was rebuilt about 1 year ago has given me no trouble till now. thought id run this by you guys see what you think. possible or not

    my second question, i have the STD 55/65 amp altanator as comes on the 4.0 leter engine, im looking at fitting a 100 or 150 amp. i notice 2 wires running to the PCM from the alt, can the higher output alt burn out the PCM? or is it possible to fit a single wire alt and bypass the PCM.
    87 YJ, D35, Warn full float, Detriot, OME rear, custom rear helper springs, Rancho, SYE, D30, Custom coilover front, ARB, Warn axles and hub lock outs, 4.0 leter Cherokee engine, S/S TSL bead locks, OB air, etc etc