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New here, need help :) Ft Irwin - Rear end wont do back in


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  • New here, need help :) Ft Irwin - Rear end wont do back in

    my name is paul, and i live on ft.irwin. i tried to replace the rear end in my 99 wrangler with some help from my friends. the bad part is they didnt know quite enough to finish the job and now i need real help. i have everything put in but not shimed. if you can help me i would be very thankful. please let me know.

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    Welcome to MJR

    We have a few people from Apple Valley all the way up to Barstow, and a few beyond that...hopefully someone can help you.

    What did they not complete?

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      You're at the tedious part. First: have you changed your ring and pinion gears? in not, then no worries, just put everything back as it was and get a 500lb gorilla to set your pinion crush sleeve . If you have changed gears- and I hope you did both ends- then you've got some work to do. You'll need marking compound and a dial guage would help. Use the dial guage to measure [roughly] how deep the ring gear sits so you can see how much you need to shim the pinion. Then pull the diff out, shim the pinion as necessary, apply marking compound to the pinion gear. install the pinion, then install the diff. Rotate the whell 1 rotation. Remove the diff and inspect the ring gear. The marking compound should be centered on the ring gear teeth. If its toward the inner edge, then take out some shim. If its toward the outer edge then add some shim. Clean the ring gear and repeat the process until you've got the markings centered. I rebuilt our D35 once...just once. Its a job I'll gladly pay a shop to do from here on. Good luck! Take your time and you'll do fine.
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