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Smittybuilt SmartTop compared to Bestop, opinions please


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  • Smittybuilt SmartTop compared to Bestop, opinions please

    I bought my 2004 Sport brand new with a hard top, no soft top came with it. So now I'm in the market to buy a soft top, just to get me through from spring to fall, when I'll put my hard top back on.

    I was looking at the Quadratec site and noticed a new soft top from Smittybuilt. It runs about $80 less than a comparable Bestop. Now I already know that "Bestop" is supposed to be the best made, but I want to know from people who may have a Smittybuilt SmartTop compared to a factory soft top or a Bestop. With as little as I'll be using the soft top, I don't want to pay a big price for something that will only be on my jeep from April - October.

    Thanks for your opinions!

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    I bought an Outland Acoustic Island Topper by Smittybuilt.

    I am very pleased with it: cheaper then Bestop and significantly less wind noise. Fit is good too.
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      Thanks outland! It looks like no other members here have tried that model soft top.