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Installing a snorkel


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  • Installing a snorkel

    just thought i drop some tips for installing a safari snorkel on your 4.0 TJ:

    1. the template for the side of the tj (where you drill a 3inch hole *gasp*) doesn't touch on all sides as displayed in the instructions. we lined up the top and left hand side, leaving the bottom not lined up, but everything mounted fine.

    2. remove the battery and battery tray, this isn't mentioned in the instructions, but its the only way to get to the vaccum resevoir (which you have to relocate), its easier to do this before you put the modified airbox back into the engine bay, or i think it would be.

    3. make sure you've got someone around to hold the snorkel seculey in place as you mark the three hole on the a-pillar. no template for that so you want to make sure you've got that right. the square shaped anchors were a nice touch for the round drill holes. i couldnt find that square drill bit anywhere...

    4. instructions dont say where to re-mount the vaccum resevoir, using two pop rivets (not supplied with snorkel) we secured it to the side of the airbox, sticking it off in the back with the hose lead pointing down ( plenty of slack in the hose to reach). keep this in mind when you have the airbox out and are making the other modifications to it. we didnt realize that until we had secured the airbox back into the engine bay.
    the snorkel is pretty awesome, it looks great, actually makes the engine quieter, im looking forward to testing it out in some real conditions. does give off some extra wind noise. not that it matters with the soft top really anyway.

    FOR SALE: 01 TJ Sport
    5 spd, 4in skyjacker, 33mt/rs, detroit rear, lock-rite front, 4.56's, safari snorkel, yada yada yada, im broke