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can i do this??


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  • can i do this??

    ok i have a 1990 wrangler yj with an automatic tranny. stock exept for the weber carb and the 2 inch body lift. i just bought it a week ago. my buddies Dad is building a 88 wrangler yj and doing some serous mods its gonna sit about a 10 to 12 inches higher then mine when its put together. and hes putting a 350 in it and also a automatic tranny in it. for the tranny he is putting in a B+M ratchet shifter. now could i do that with mine??? cause i want more control of the gears and i like having a shifter on the floor. can anyone please help me?

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    After market shifts, like BM, are cable operated and will work in the tightest spaces. Watch how you route your cable, no tight bends and keep away from heat soucres like the exhaust.

    One side note would be that the cables have been known to break, and this could be a pain on the trail.
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      just wait till your nose up on the trail and you need to hit reverse in a hurry to save from a roll... and instead your F^%$^%$ing with the ratchet shifter.
      never again.
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        Agreed, ratcheting in a 4x4 sucks.

        Why I went with this shifter in mine

        Then put it on this custom built piece to get it in reach from my seat
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