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1st gen JK no start


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  • JK: 1st gen JK no start

    It seems to be a problem that plagued some of the 07-11 JK's with the 42RLE automatic. The symptom is - in park, turn the key and hear what sounds like the starter solenoid go "thunk" and no starter motor spinning. I replaced the starter. It started great for a few days and then... Thunk. The battery is a new DieHard AGM Gold. Several other forums list the "transmission range switch" (Pre-Millennials call it a neutral safety switch) as the next likely suspect. Then followed by the ECM or whatever the Millennials call the computer needing to be flashed (for lack of modern vocabulary).

    Has anyone else had this problem with a 1st gen JK automatic? If you had any success, what was the smoking gun?

    Has it happened to anyone with the 42RLE in a TJ?

    The work-around is to leave the key in the "on" position and move the shifter to Neutral, turn the key off and then start it in the Neutral position.

    My suspicion is the TRS/NSS. The fun part is that it is under the valve body, so a messy day is in my future. On the other hand, to avoid huge driveway stains, I plan to get a cheap, heavy weight vinyl shower curtain to lay down on the driveway and then place towels on that to absorb any spills. The shower curtain will prevent seepage into the concrete.
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    Maybe the gear selector switch is going bad.