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  • ZJ questions

    I am planning to buy a zj and am researching now. Have a few questions.

    I want a 96 up with the newer interior, any reason not?
    I know I for sure I don't want a quadra trac, true?

    Engine, 4.0L or 5.2L
    I like the 4.0L because the are simple, easy to work on, and extremely durable, also fuel economy is an issue.

    5.2L has more power, but most (maybe all) come with the quadra trac, what are the opinions out there. Isn't it pretty easy to convert to selectrac 242?

    Milage maybe the decision maker, what kind of mileage can I expect from both engines. I read somewhere that 4.0L got 18 in town and 26 on the hwy. I know that is bunk or everyone would be driving them.

    I am not planning anything radical. I love to go on trails, but this vehicle has to be worthy of long trips, (to CO). 2" lift and 31's is probably all I will do.


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    PM Scubatch. He can tell you all about his ZJ and it's delightful full-time 4WD system.
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    2003 TJ Rubicon: 4.5" OME coils; RE SF2; NthDegree TT/oilpan skid/shock shifters; FXD rock rails; Anti-Rock; 5150'


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      Go with the V8. Both the 4.0 and 5.2 will get similar highway fuel economy of 19 - 20 MPG. I am getting 15 right now back and forth to work mostly street and only a little bit of highway. I get 18 - 19 with 2.5 inches of lift 245/75/R16 (31's) on the highway running

      You will like the extra power and torque from the V8.

      Look for a 98 if you are going with a ZJ. 98 ZJ 5.9L is supposedly the best but feeding that 360 with premium can be expensive. They can have a computer flash done to run on standard grade fuel but at a performance loss. Avoid early build 99 WJ pre May 99 if you decide to get the WJ. 2000 and up would be the best bet.

      T-cases. 242 Selectrac would be the best choice but most V8s had the 249 Quadratrac and some 4.0L had the 249 as well. So far I like my 249 and I have had no problems with the viscous coupling. When the VC goes bad it is cheaper to convert to a 242 or a 231 TC. Just the VC is $400 - $800 plus labor.

      Go over to WWW.NAGCA.COM and look in the Grand Forum section. Tons of info on Grands over there.
      It's a Jeep thing, my wife doesn't understand.


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        i built up a 93 zj with a 5.2, only thing the v8 did for me is sound cool, unless its a 5.9 i would get the 4.0, have fun, and i would go to nagca has a bad rep in the zj world imo, or just dont send them any money...
        heres what mine looked like..