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Pitman Arm Removal


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  • Pitman Arm Removal

    Hey everyone while trying to romove my pitman arm I have already gone through 2 pullers. One side broke off of each puller. Does anyone have any suggestions to get that off without cutting it otf.
    I dont think it matters but i have a 92' yj. thanks in advance for any suggestions.

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    tighten another rented pitman arm puller on there until you feel like it is going to break. [you should know what that feels like now ]
    thenhold a hamme on one side of the pitman arm by the splines. and whack the hell out of the other side of the pitman arm with a hammer. the vibrations should make it fly off of there like a shot. make sure your face isnt in the way .
    in the event that doesnt work... put some heat on it. heat lower on the arm so it rises to the splined area. dont focus the heat on the splined area. once it is hot, smack it with the hammer again.

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      Don't forget to first use a good penetrating lube like Liquid Wrench, PB-Blaster, or Break-Free. Let it soak with a few good healthy sprays for a few hours before trying it again. No, WD-40 is not a good substitute for any of the above products.
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