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Bumper replacement questions


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  • Bumper replacement questions

    I am considering a couple of modifications to my mostly stock '02 Wrangler Sahara. First, I am considering the installation of a flowmaster exhaust. Does anybody have one of these installed? If so, how pleased are you with it? Does it sound good (4.0L)?
    The next question I have is concerning replacing my front and rear bumpers with heavier-duty bumpers. I am leaning toward tubular steel bumpers. On late model Wranglers, how does replacing the front bumper affect driver and passenger air-bag functionality? I would likely have the bumpers professionally installed, but I believe the impact sensors that deploy the air bags are located in the bumper mounting points. Does a bumper made of heavier guage steel require some sort of adjustment to these sensors?

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    You can replace your bumper without any problem. It held on by 6 bolts and can be change in 10 minutes. Do not worry about the air bag the sensors are not in the bumper.

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      Hey Timbo, I have a flowmaster on my 01 TJ 4.0L. It sounds great. I give it a two thumbs up. As for the bumpers, I installed a rear LoD Heavy Duty Rock Bumper w/tire carrier. It's as good as the others you will find at almost twice the cost. I paid $378.00 delivered. I'm very happy with it and it took about an hour to install (that includes removal of the original bumper). Here's the web site for your viewing

      The site gives instructions on how to install it. Ignor the part on taking one of the rubber isolators and cutting it in half. They since added a stop that eliminates that step.
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        Rock-It Man makes very NICE bumpers...and it supports our forum advertisers

        You wont be disappointed.

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