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    Last week i asked if a 30.5 x 9.5 15 would fit on my stock 87 aluminum 15" wheels. (the answer was yes and thanks for the relys). i am now thinking about 31.5 x 10.5 15's instead. so the same question applies. i have no lift, either body or suspension. this is a daily driver i inherited from my father-in-law and will see minimum trail use. i plan on installing a lift at some point in time, but for now tires (MTR's) and a new paint job are all i can manage. thanks in advance for the help and sorry if i keep asking the same questions that someone else may have already.

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    If you plan on getting a lift at one point I would'nt spend big $$ on 31" MTR's. But thats just me. And to answer your question they will probably rub on a good bump in the road let alone the trail.
    This is my jeep , stock with 30" wranglers, 50% tread.
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