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  • Smoke screen

    Hi, new to the board and I have a problem/question. I have a 99 Cherokee Sport. While driving up to the mountains on steep grades my jeep starts smoking bad. It looks like white smoke but its hard to tell color through the tinted glass. It gets so bad that other vehicles back away because they can't see. It only happens on steep grades after I have been driving for a while with my foot on it. All fluid levels are good, I don't burn any oil between changes. Trany is a little over filled. Radiator stays full. Any ideas? Thanks for any help.

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    2 things i'd look at: 1- (assuming you have an auto) since the tranny is a little overfilled, it might be blowing excess fluid out the vent on top of the trans, and getting on the exhaust pipe. 2- i had the output seal on the transfer case go bad and create a nice smoke screen since the fluid would get flung all over the cat. convertor. Your '99 has a different output than my '87, but it might be worth it to check.


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      Rear Main seal? on my 88 XJ I would have a smoke screen behind me going up hills, but not on the flats. I replaced the rear main seal and it went away. Does it leak and fluid, even the smallest amount, when parked?
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        It does not leak any fluids. I guess I will have to suction out some of the tranny fluid and see what it does after that. Otherwise it's a trip to the dealer for a diagnostic. :mad: