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T/C leak on XJ?


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  • T/C leak on XJ?

    Hey guys, my g/f bought a black 98 xj a while back, the dealer she bought it from said he doesnt warranty "seepage" on any fluids...and that is something i noticed, under the transfer case there is minor seepage...not drips or anything but its deffinatly not dry, my question there a seal in the t/c that just needs to be replaced or is that something that over time will turn into a leak and then we will need to replace the t/c? The warranty has about a month left on it and i need to know if i should try to get him to fix it. Thanks for any info.

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    That sounds like bullshit to me, but oh well. There is a seal between the t-case and the tranny. The ones going out my TJ and the undercarage is not "well lubed"
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      Post a picture if you can of wha the TC looks like and perhaps we can tell you what is leaking.

      If it is the front seal then you will want ot pull the t-case and change both the tranny output and the t-case input seal at the same time. Hard to tell which one is leaking and it is cheap insurance to change both.

      Body seal, just live with it. Plugs, remove the plug and add some liquid teflon on the threads very sparingly and reinstall.
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        Thanks guys, i will post a picture for you later tonight ....if the light doesnt work out well, wed. before dark i'll have to do it....check back here in a day or two and let me know....we are bringing it back to the guy friday to have him fix a reverse light problem so hopefully you can let me know before then if i should have him do the t/c. Thanks again.