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    Hey all...i have a few quick questions about xj's. I own a 93 right now and i'm looking to replace it w/ another g/f just bought a 98 xj and to me it seems like if i put the same 3" lift on wouldnt be as tough in the woods as my 93...i know they have the 8.25 as opposed to the dana but what else is diff. or cheaper on the newer models than on the older xj's like mine? I need to replace mine b/c the body is rotting and everyone that has looked at it said there is no stopping it now. What would you all do...i have the option to buy a 96 w/ 80k on it or a 99 or 2000 w/ 60 k on it? Also, the fender flares on the newer ones dont seem to be as big as the stockers on the older ones like mine....can these be swapped out? Thanks for any info.

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    i would say the year is a personal preference although i would reccemend the 96 as a replacement because its the newest before the change in body. as you probably have heard the 97+ have lots of driveline issues some even at the stock height so any lift will only make it worse, but with the 96 you could probably get around 4-5" before getting an sye. if your willing to deal with the vibe problems than it comes down to preferance whether you want the new or old body style. most aftermarket parts fit 84-01 cherokees...
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    87 XJ 3" lift, 31s-thats all thats worth mentioning