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    I just put on the spare tire extension bracket on my stock tire carrier. I have 33x12.50x15 BFG MT. The tire looks like it is bouncing a lot now in the rear view. Is this bad? It is on there securely. Can the stock carrier handle that much weight. Before the tire was resting on the bumper. I had to slam the tailgate to close it. Please let me know.

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    My g/f's jeep has one of those spacers on it, too. It was on there when I bought it. The top part of the stock mount, where the lip thing is before the tire, cracked and was welded. Her jeep has 32's on it, so I'm guessing that jeep used the same weak metal for the mount as they do for their bumpers.

    I have 33's on mine, and I also have to slam the tailgate to get it to shut. You might be able to fabricate some sort of support for the stock mount to help it hold the weight of the 33's.

    Just my 2 cents.
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