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!!!!!desperately In Need Of Help!!!!!


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  • !!!!!desperately In Need Of Help!!!!!

    As you may have seen in my earlier post, I have death wobble really bad. I am going to upgrade my lift by getting the upper and lower control arms, adjustable track bar, and Currie steering system and hope that fixes it.

    What I need is someone who, absolutely , knows what they are doing to help me put the stuff on. I know the jist of it and could probably do it alone, but I want to MAKE SURE I get it right the first time.

    Is there anyone willing to help. Please let me know.


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    get adjustable arms!!!! New control arms just wont cut it
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      Your a little too far for me to help but I could give some help here. If your going with Rubicon Express get the adjustable upper control arms, they are use to adjust the pinion angle and caster / camber angle. I have mine about 3 to 4 turns out from minimun adjustment. You can take it to a alignment shop for the exact read out of this adjustment if you like.
      Centering my axle took a rachet strap around one tire then connected to the frame so I could pull it in to place. Use a tape measure across the top of the tire to the frame next to the shock, make this measurement the same on both sides.
      Toe in. Mark the tire or use the cast mark around the tire as your reference, you'll probably need hepl for this, my 8 year old daughter helped me to hold the tape measure. Measure the front and back of the tire, make the toe-in 1/8" by adjusting the tie rod only. Drive it, find where the steering wheel drives straight, adjust the drag-link only to straighten the steering wheel.
      For most of us it's been a lot of trial & error to get these things worked out, this may take a few tries but you'll get there. Doing it on your own also gives a greater understanding of how things work and interact.

      Hope this helps, B&T TJ

      BTW the Currie steering system helps bring back stock steering componet angles and is very beefy but $$$. I have it and very happy with it. Hardest part of the install was getting the pitman arm end off.


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        I tried to go the cheap route in the beginning with the standard RE lift (which was fine for a while) instead of doing it right the first time. I think that upgrading my steering and going with adjustable control arms and adjustable track bar will fix it.

        B&T TJ, I will make sure I check all of those things.

        I have found someone to help me with this. If anyone has any other helpful advice or things to check, please post it. I want to get this right this time.

        Thank you!!!!!

        The right of the people to keep and bear arms SHALL NOT be infringed!!!!


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          The adjustable track bar cured all but a slight wobble from 45-50 on the sarah edition TJ. I think the caster is the real problem, which we have not addressed yet and I believe is the reason for the wobble. It still has stock arms with 1" springs and 1" spacers. I think any time you go over a couple inches you need new control arms, so it sounds like you are on the right track. The more positive caster you have (the further back the axle is tilted - shorter upper arms/longer lower arms), the better return to center and higher speed steering tracking you will have. However, steering effort is dramatically increased as caster increases. Make sure you are mindful of the front pinion angle when adjusting the control arms. I think the goal should be to get the pinion angle correct (slightly below pointing at the tcase) and only slight adjustment from there as needed to get a bit more caster if you don't have enough. Stock TJ caster spec is 7 degrees. You can measure with a magnetic protractor available at a hardware store. Let us know how it goes.
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            Also make sure that your axle is not bent. I finally took mine to Off Road unlimited in Burbank and they found out that the right side of the axle housing was bent a little bit. can't understand how it could have happened.


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              Also be wary of those axle mounted bushings that the upper cpntrol arms "yoke" over. Inspect them carefully for movement.