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  • transmission help

    I just put a rebuilt tranny in my 73 cj5 304 v8.Here is my problem,The car would not go into gear,took the tranny out,found out
    the the clutch plate all the springs fell out, the clutch cover one of the welded bolts broke and the pilot bushing came out of the
    fly wheel and got stuck in between the clutch disc and fly wheel.Any ideas why this would happen. When i took off the stick
    shift from the tranny,their was hardley any tranny fluid, When i installed the the tranny I put enough tranny fluid in and transfer
    case fluid in tranny
    Does the the fluid flow betweeen both the tranny and transfer case

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    I know that in my 71, which had the same T-14A, I know that it shared fluid with the transfer case. The Dana 18 is the same in design as the Dana 20 you have.

    Not sure why the pilot bearing came out.

    I know that I fried a tranny because the piloting bearing got rounded out and it allowed the Main Shaft in the tranny to wobble and eventually destroy the tranny.

    Jim & Rick, you guys got any advice??