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  • I have a Q.....

    I'm not sure if this is in the right forum...but here goes....

    I noticed on my soft top, I have a few little spots of mildew. I want to get rid of it before it gets worse or ruins my top....any tips on a safe way to get this mildew off my top??
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    i would think some simple green would take care of this for you, but blktj [brian] is the master of cleaning jeeps. lets see what he has to say about it

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      I have a Sierra Design tent that I was having a problem with mildew and the manufacture recommended washing the tent with a deluted solution of Lysol. The Lysol eliminated the mildew.


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        Take the top off. Mix some dish washing soap in about half a bucket of water. Then scrub tha thing down. Spray it off with a high pressure hose, a pressure washer is best. Then scrub it one more time then spray it again. Hang it over a fence or something to dry in the sun. My old top had a ton of mold and junk on it. This helped get alot of it out.


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          Mildew has to be killed which will take several applications over a week or two of something like Lysol or Pinesol. Few other cleaners have the germicidal/disinfectant properties needed for the job so Lysol or Pinesol are your best bets. That's about the only sure-fire way of getting rid of the problem.
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