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  • My luck, the problems roll....

    I finished rusty's 3" the other day and now all i need are tires..thinking 30x9.5 but anyways, 2 questions....for some reason, my exhuast pipe is rubbing on my leaf pack...(did the replacement packs if that matters, not aal) You cant align a one piece axle, all i did was take off my stock packs and put in the new ones....does this mean something is wrong w/ the install i did or should i just pull the exxhuast pipe over a little bit so it clears it? and my other question is....squeeks....they have all new bushings....why am i getting squeeking??? They dont have greese fittings so what do i do.....not a big deal just annoying. Actually one more thing, driveline vibration....have a little....cant get the transfer case lowered for a week or this gonna hurt anything.....and are there more than one kind of vibe? Wehn i'm coasting just after i let off the gas pedal, i get this sound almost as if the jeep is yea this is other than the driveline vibe that i have. Any help is much appreciated, thanks all!

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    just move the ex it will be ok the bushin will sqeak unless you put grease or a lube in them and around them and the other thing with the driveline is to do the contant velocitey join it will make it drive just like new again no vib the nosie is cummin form the drive line that fartin noise lol but in order to do the drive line swap you have to put a yoke on thr t case its not very hard you have to cahnge tail shafts is all the drive line and yaoke is like 350.00 bucks if i can do more let me know
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      Ok i deffinatly dont have the money for the yoke and all that, i was thinking about doing the transfer case drop....rusty's 1" shim....will that eliminate the vibes?? If i dont do the yoke and i still get that noise is it going to be damaging over time???


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        the only thing that might happen is you will loose the t case seals more often but other than that you should be ok and the vib will leesen i have the one shim in mine right now and i stll have a vib i didnt have the money for the drive line stuff either you will be ok with the drop if it still vib's bad you ll have to do a drive line and yoke thats the only way to get rid of it oh and the vib is hard on the rear end on the pioion seal and bearin so that about all that will happen
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          another solution for the bibes is to do a motor mount lift. this will angle the transfer case down.
          did you use any degree shims when you installed the rear leaf packs? they are the "wedges" to angle the rear pinion.

          i hope you greased all of the bushings inside, and out before the installation. you will rip them up by running them dry. besides... you will get terrible ride quality compared to what the system is capable of. grease all of that stuff up.

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            Are you sure your driveline angles are right? W/ a slip yoke style drive shaft the t-case yoke and the rear end yoke should be parallel. you may have to get some degree shims to point the axle downa little. This will cause vibes. The squeeking might be the exhaust rubbing on the leafs. I'd either cut it off or shove something in there and bend it out of the way.
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