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  • Flat towing

    Just picked up a 2005 LJ looking for wiring info - plug in front of jeep that excepts plug from RV - flat tow wiring info. I hope this makes sense? Russ C...... need your assistance on this one.... I know you have this info somewhere???

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    Can you describe the plug on the Jeep. Flat 4, 4, 5, 6, or 7 round? Can you post pics? The wire color might help too.
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      Itís the socket you plug from your tow vehicle in to your jeep to operate brake and turn signals.... now if I could just remember how to attach a picture?????


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        jeep has no plug installed at this time, that’s what I’m intending on doing... need to know if the Jeep may be pre wired any where near the front bumper?


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          As far as I know, Jeeps didn't come from the factory with a flat tow wiring harness. Is there a way to contact the PO and ask? Most of the flat towed Jeeps that I see that use the vehicles own wiring harness are weak at best. I've flat towed mine once, but I made a separate wiring harness that went from the back of the Moho to the back of the Jeep. And that was plugged into a home made light bar that was stuck into the receiver hitch.
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            AFAIK, your LJ does not have a built in wiring plug for flat towing. Although I have never flat towed my Jeep, it should be easy to connect the Jeep lights to your RV because you only need four connections: 1) tail lights, 2) right turn/brake signal, 3) left turn/brake signal, and 4) ground. If you decide to run a brake controller to activate your Jeep's brakes when you step on your RV's brakes, then you will need a fifth connection.

            First, does your RV already have a wiring connector for towing? The connector could be a four pole round connector, a four wire flat connector, a five pole round, a five wire flat, a six pole round, a seven pin round, or a seven blade connector. If your RV has a connector, just go to your favorite auto parts store and find a connector to mate to it. If your RV doesn't have a trailer wiring connector, then go to the auto parts store and get a complete trailer wiring kit.

            The standard color code for a trailer wiring connector is as follows:
            white - ground
            brown - tail lights
            green - right turn/brake
            yellow - left turn/brake
            blue - brake controller

            Just find a wire on your Jeep that has the same function and tap into it.

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              Hey Ron. I basically did the same as Steve (alittleoff) and ran wires from front to rear with connectors at both ends. Front to connect to the RV rear for magnetic tail lights stuck to the bumper. I had to use a brake booster since my class C had problems stopping while flat towing. Chances are your RV has a round plug, you'll need a connector that converts that to a flat four to run the lights, my booster ran independently from the coach (the Jeeps battery) in the event of a breakaway which never happened but having my Jeep push the RV into an intersection because I couldn't stop it created more pucker pain than I ever want to experience again. Be safe and sure. Cheers


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                If you're doing a flat four, you can get a trailer harness with properly color coded wires and connector molded in. It would be more than long enough and you'd only have to tap in on the tail light harness and run the plug end to the front. It would also eliminate an extra set of splices (rear only vs. front and rear). Any mechanical connection in a wire is an extra opportunity for something to go wrong.
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                  every time I have to flat tow, I always have to splice some wires somewhere. I have no idea why, but it always ends up that way. Ugh, hah!
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                    I put one of these in my Jeep to flat tow:

                    Technically in California you have to have breaks in something towed over 1500 pounds, though most people don't. I only use a 1/2 ton to tow my Jeep so the braking in the Jeep is welcomed to save wear and tear on the truck, as well as improve my safety. I also bought the braking kit used when somebody upgraded to a trailer for their Jeep. (Thanks Ryan!)
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                      Russ.....this is what I was looking for. Yes my motor home is wired to tow. Now that I know the LJ is not pre wired I’ll take it from here. Thank you everyone. do know your Jeeps...thanks you for chiming in.


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                        Here is a complete guide about wiring bit . ly/2m0WQRh (remove the spaces), diagrams are also avail which will help to understand. you may download and keep a diagram to you mobile or laptop it will help i am doing a job in a towing company Rite way towing, so i have Ram 5500 truck i have keep all diagrams for emergency cases to figure out the problem if anything happens.
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