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  • Optima Battery

    Ok well it appears my battery is dead So im lookin at an optima battery. Anyone have one of these? I would want the red top right?
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    87 XJ 3" lift, 31s-thats all thats worth mentioning

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    get the blue
    costco has a pretty good price
    you want a marine battery that will let you drain it low with your winch, welder, radio, and other 12v goodies and not flinch.

    the red top is a starter which is nice for CCA but it will not take a lot of heavy drains before giving up the ghost.

    alternatively you can get the yellow top which is the same as the blue top but has openings for side posts (sold separately) instead of the extra top posts which the blue top already comes with.

    the Missus and I both have the blue tops and have drained em pretty good for welding and winching. they are great.
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      how much would the blue top run me at costco?
      B R E T T
      87 XJ 3" lift, 31s-thats all thats worth mentioning


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        Don't know the costs, but I can attest that you want either a yellow or blue. Not that the red is bad, but has problems coming back to life after a heavy winching. Some people may encounter no problems with the red, but I have.

        Good luck.

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          I haven't seen Blues at Costco, but i'm wondering if the ones they sell are the smaller version then the standard Blues.

          I know the Reds they sell are smaller. They sell 750 crank at the Costco's near me and standard Reds are 850 crank.

          Last time i looked a 750 crank Red from Costco was just under $100. No idea what a Blue costs from them as i've never seen one.

          Might be something to look at though.
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            the blue top at cosco is about 145.00
            i have one, and have had good luck with it.

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