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89 yj 4.2L with ax15 trans wont go into first


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  • 89 yj 4.2L with ax15 trans wont go into first

    ok long storie here it all started when the clutch went out. i replaced the clutch and slave/throwout bearing and all other clutch related parts. ran fine for about 3 mo or 3k miles. Clutch master went out so i replaced it. Ran fine for another 3 mo master died again. repeated this throught 5 masters.
    finaly after replacing the most recient i dcided to replace the throwout/slave because it wont go into gear if im ata atndstill but will slide into gear if im moving at all. im ready to take it out to the pasture and shoot the thing. has anyone had a problem like this??????????

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    No, but the first thing you need to do is stop buying "remanufactured" master and slave cylinders. They are junk (I know, I used to work at a plant that "remanufactured" them). I always spend the money and buy NEW, MADE IN USA parts. Those last much longer.

    BTW, here is how the parts are "remanufactured". Step 1, disassemble, throw out piston and seals, and bleed screw. Step 2: Spray hydraulic oil in cylinder. Step #3, clean cylinder bore with a plastic brush that is mounted on a drill press. Step #4, clean bore with mineral spirits. Step #5 install new piston, bleed screw, and run through test stand.

    Here's the problem. Once you get moisture in the fluid, the cylinder wall rusts. The only way to fix that is to hone the cylinder....hitting it with a plastic brush doesn't do are left with rough spots, which will wear the seals out in a month or have seen that first hand, several times. That is why I NEVER buy used hydraulic parts. It just isn't worth the trouble.
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