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lookin at a V8 GC LTD... is this worth it?


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  • lookin at a V8 GC LTD... is this worth it?

    Ok so i am looking at a 95 GC LTD and this is what i know

    "The Jeep had regular oil changes. Other recent work includes both front wheel CV joints replaced last August. The front drive shaft was replaced with a u-joint type about 2-1/2 years ago. The transmission and differential were overhauled at around 100,000 miles.

    The only other possible maintenance problem is that the engine does use some oil. I have to put a qt in every 1 to 2,000 mi.

    The oil usage is mainly from burning. I use regular 10W30 oil. As far as I know there is nothing seriously wrong with the Jeep. Of course it does have 166,000 miles on him. We bought it used at about 20,000 miles. The Jeep has mainly been used driving to work or vacation, with a couple of off road trips a year. Even though the jeep has the tow package, we have never pulled a trailer with it.

    (i asked if he thought it would pass emmisions... or if this thing would just blow up while i was driving it back to OHIO)

    About your other question, Illinois doesn't have any periodic emission tests. Also, I wouldn't be worried about the engine blowing up, I imagine the problem is the piston rings are getting a little worn.

    Yes, the transmission is full time 4X4. (I believe it is called Quadratrac). The Jeep also has the VIC, auto dim mirror, and full size spare. The jeep does not have an overhead console because of the sun roof, however it does have the overhead computer that shows direction, outside temp, miles/per gallon, etc. Also, included (as mentioned in the initial ad)is a set of five offroad tires and steel wheels.

    Also, it does have heated mirrors. They are on the same switch as the rear window heater. I am not sure what you mean by the digital temp. It does show the outsite temp on the overhead readout. The inside temp is dialed in, and the computer decides weather to use heat or ac, and fan speed and where to direct the air. I haven't tried the ac this spring as I haven't been driving the jeep."

    Here is what the jeep looks like

    the guy was asking for $4k, but said he would take $3800, which includes the extra full set of tires/rims.

    my big question, is if this is worth it? right now i have an I6 95 ZJ, and i luv her. i think it's the chance that i coudl afford a V8 sorta has my attn more than it should.

    in anycase i would appriciate it greatly, if anyone here could give me their input about if this seems ok, if i need to ask anything else, or if am i wasting my time?

    thank you in advance


    ps if i posted this is the wrong location... i'm sorry

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    YJJP has a GC with 233000 miles and still going strong. He still uses it to pull his tournement boat with. Joe does not baby the thing nor has he ever. I am very impressed with the dependablity of it. However if you buy you better plan on driving it till it dies as it will not be worth much with anymore miles on it.

    If it is clean I say go for it.
    456's 2 lockers 4 disc brakes 8.8 lots of skid plates


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      What are you looking to do with it. Mild wheeling or just a daily driver. I've did some pretty good trails in mine, before I retired it. They are extremly capable off road, alot more than some people think. I ran five inches and 32's and did just about everything these guys at MJR did. The V8 is nice, amd with some minor mods can really give you some power. Sounds good too. I'd try to get it for 3,500, seeing that with the mileage, and sounds like a small oil problem, your gonna put some money into it. If you have and questions just ask
      I have 2


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        I bought my 98 grand cherokee 5.2l limited in May. Mine was also was using oil, about a quart every 800-1000 miles.
        I found out that the phleum on the bottom of the intake had a broken gasket. Oil was being sucked into the intake and burned thru the engine.
        I bought a new phleum plate from hughes engine it is 1/4" think aluminum plate. I worked great. No more oil loss.

        It wasn't that difficult to repair, but you do have to pull the intake.
        The original phleum plate is a thin piece of sheet metal and it gets warped by the heat from the engine. The warping makes it move and the gasket breaks up.

        I got my jeep off ebay 85k miles.....$6900