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  • On board air suggestions

    I FINALLY did it; bought an old York to use. So here is my question. I know Kilby absolutely rocks with his products, but even doing it with just the parts I need, I'll still be out another $150 in parts just to get up and running. Any suggestions? Building the system is not that expensive, but I am a poor grad student right now.

    Here is my plan thus far. I'm going to fab a bracket to mount it ('95 YJ 4cyl) which will be easy and then hopefully use another pulley on the outside of my factory alt pulley to run the pump (the compressor came with a V-belt clutch). The parts I need after that are:
    1) Tank
    2) Hose
    3) a couple T fittings
    4) High pressure switch
    5) Pressure gauge
    6) Dump valve to get gunk out of the tank
    7) Flanges to go on the compressor for intake and out
    8) Input filter

    I think that is it, and none of it is expensive, but it all nickle and dimes you to death. Also, the Kilby replacement alt pulley is a bit steep at $40 alone.

    Thanks for any input,

    '95 YJ 4 banging powerhouse.

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    So I shopped around for a while and finally contacted Kilby. For anyone wanting to do on board air, I'd go to Brad. Dude responded late on Sunday night to an Email I sent that day. After researching, his prices are competitive if not fair and he has it all.

    So all I have to do is fab the mounting bracket and find a way to put a tensioner on as I'm using the V belt clutch that came with the compressor I bought. I'll be running it off the alternator via one of Brad's combo pulleys.

    '95 YJ 4 banging powerhouse.


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      Nailer341 is the king of setting up Yorks inexpensivly. I'm sure he will pipe up with some info.
      Ya Savvy?

      Motech Performance


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        This is a great thread because RICK needs to get his set up
        <-- sick of waiting at gas stations!
        :gun:'99 TJ Sport:gun: