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squeaking noise!


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  • squeaking noise!

    okay its spring break for us, and i just got back from the coast, well oceano dunes. it was a fun trip, but sadly to say our whole camp got washed away by the highest tide ever in history and my jeep almost got taken away. we were out wheeling the "big woody" an 88 jeep grandwagoneer with a 3 inch suspension and 3 inch body, the thing is a beast. we jump comp. but neways enough of that. i have a "squeaking problem" with my 2000 black tj. and i believe its the shocks? coming home, i noticed it. driving around town, and it gets very iratating. i get underneat the vehicle and shake it.. the squeaking continues. until then i hold the shock and it stops. the right rear one. i have rancho rs5000. i thought maybe the bolts are loose, so i tighten each and everyone of them to its max, but it continues. then i mess with the shock boot and it stops for a while.. but comes back? weird. but has anyone have a similar problem before and know how to deal with this?! will be helpful. thanku
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    It can be anything, but check out the control arms and the track bar. Jeepgal had a simmilar problem . . . it was her track bar rubbing aginst the gas tank skid. Have someone wiggle and shake the Jeep while your under it. I have alot of squeeks, if I tried to track them all down, I'd go INSANE!
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      crazy story! got any pics of that high tide? glad to hear you saved the jeep
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        yeah I got a squeek too, left front somewhere, sounds like suspension, but everything checks tight, for the life of me I can't figure it out, oh and it goes away when its warm out?


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          Anytime you own a Jeep you will run into squeeking problems at one point. It's kind of the fun of owning one [in a weird way]. I would try to isolate the squeek if it is only occuring when your driving or if it makes a rattle noise while your parked. Either way it sounds like it should be a simple fix. It will just require a lot of attention and a little patience.

          Good luck! Post your solution when ya find it!