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Steering shaft, body lift, exhaust manifold issues


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  • Steering shaft, body lift, exhaust manifold issues

    A few weeks ago, I got my new motor installed, but we were having some problems with the tranny mount lining up with the holes. I had to leave the country for work for a couple of weeks, & got back a few days ago, hoping I can get this figured out before I have to leave again.

    While I had the engine out, I installed a 1" body lift, which actually gave me about 1 1/4" of lift since the old body mounts were so compressed. I have a set of headers I'm going to put on after the motor is broken in, so right now, it has the stock exhaust manifolds on. Now, at the front of the motor, the manifold is rubbing on the steering shaft. If I was going to leave the stock manifolds on, it wouldn't be a big deal, since I could grind the little "lip" off that is hitting the shaft. I am worried that my headers won't fit.

    I hope this makes sense & isn't too confusing. Anybody run into this before? Any ideas or thoughts on this? Thanks.
    1983 CJ7 AMC 360, T-5, Dana 300
    Dana 30, AMC 20

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    Im confussed, why you dont just install the headers with the new motor, it wont hurt it.


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      I'm also confused. How did you end up with 1 1/4" of body lift "since the old mounts were so compressed"? The only way I can see that happening is if you replaced all the stock bushings AND added a B/L. A mistake a lot of people make is they remove the rubber bushings and install the hard B/L pucks. The pucks are meant to be added to the existing parts, only thing that gets replaced is the bolt.

      As for the interference, if the body is moved up an inch, you could lift the motor to clear the steering shaft.


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        Best thing would be to lift the motor 1"
        89' XJ, lifted, locked, exo caged.


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          Sorry about all the confusion.

          First, according to Hedman, the header coating warranty will be void if they are used to break in a new engine. Something about the high heat & oil being burned during the break in that can damage the coating. I didn't feel like spending big $$$ on coated headers & then screwing up the coating right off the bat.

          Second, about the body lift. I used this lift , which replaces the stock mount. The new body lift spacers measure 1 3/4", while the stock mounts I removed were about 1/2". That's how I figure I got 1 1/4" of lift.

          I've been travelling a lot for work, so I haven't been able to mess around with it lately. I'll have to look & see what kind of clearance I have to see if I can lift the motor.
          1983 CJ7 AMC 360, T-5, Dana 300
          Dana 30, AMC 20


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            I have an 80 CJ 360 with a Daystar 1 inch body lift. I got about an inch and a half out of the one inch lift.

            My steering rubbed on the manifold also, i used 1/4 inch spacers on the left engine mount.

            1980 CJ7 360 TH400 2" lift 33s
            1956 Willys Wagon restomod