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A Good Muffler (Deep Sound)


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  • A Good Muffler (Deep Sound)

    Looking for one of these, ive heard mix feelings about flowmaster, and good feelings about magnaflow. I need a good website and the appropriate size to fit my 88 Jeep XJ limited . Thanks for your help!

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    How loud do you want it?
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      I've got dual flowmasters (original style) and headers on my 327 Chevy and I love 'em. I don't know if I would call the tone a deep one but still love that sound. Kinda on the loud side though but that's what I wanted...went a little large on the inlet and outlet diameters (I don't mind attention just need to stay off it when the cops are around).
      What size engine do you have? Stock exhaust manifolds? What exactly are you looking to achieve?
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        The flowmaster 40 series delta has a nice sound, but some consider it too loud for their liking.

        I like the sound of the banks muffler over the magnaflow myself.

        I'm having a custom exaust made for my jeep in a few weeks. a friend of mine just purchased a muffler shop down my way a few months ago. (lucky me!!!).

        I'm still debating what muffler i want to use, i'm leaning towards the flowmaster though.
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          I had a flow master on my XJ, it was loud and anoying. I have a borla on my TJ that creates a pleasent exhaust tone. Not loud but not quiet.
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            I have dynaflow and banks header, sounds good, I think Borla is a little more throaty.


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              Are you looking for a performance boost or good sound? Deep pockets? :confused:


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                Would like both for the best deal


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                  I'm really not a big muffler guy (unless mine broke off) but IMO, the lower series Flowmasters for the money are very good. Deeper sound with good pitch at higher rpms. Good increase in flow too.


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                    I have a hole in my muffler...i dont reccemend it.
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                      I run flowmasters on my YJ with a chevy 350 sounds great. But for an XJ I had a 91 with a supertrap I like the sound of it and it's tuneable it was like $80 bucks and they mount in the back like a tailpipe.
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