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"Paint Protectant" / "Rust Proofing" - Advice?


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  • "Paint Protectant" / "Rust Proofing" - Advice?

    I just bought my Jeep as a daily driver. My wife's car and my other car are kept in the garage so the Jeep has to be kept outside in the driveway. "Paint protectant" and "rust proofing" were optional at the dealership that I purchased the Jeep from. I am undecided about whether to get them applied or not. I am looking for advice. Each process would cost about $200. Given the winter weather and the fact that the Jeep is not being garaged, is it necessary or recommended to get a the paint protectant and/or rust proofing offered by the dealership? Any advice would be appreciated...:confused:
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    the body pannels on a jeep are "galvanized" steel, which already resists rust pretty well... what i have seen from these eastern jeeps is that everything else rusts. springs, lca's, brackets, frames, ant that type of stuff... so.. if it were me, i'd just get a few cans of under coating from the parts store, and spray those areas...
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      Look for a product called POR-15. Its actually a paint on application that you paint over the rust. Its normally used over rust, but I would imagine you can use it before everything rusts together. Oh and it you lift it, which I'm sure you'll do, use ANTI-SEIZE and lots of it. Pretty much on every nut, bolt, everything! You'll be glad you did when you try to take stuff apart. Use it on other things aswell, just to be safe.
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