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Heater Core Replacement


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  • Heater Core Replacement

    I bought the core, $45 at Napa, Any tricks to put it in?
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    Did you ever replace that? If so let me know how it went, mine just started leaking this last weekend.....


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      Naw, I haven't had time yet. Too many items on the "Honey-Do" lists the past few weekends.
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        have a little bit of patients just did mine a few weeks ago . there are 4 bolts in the engine compartment 1 behind valve cover ,2 above battery , and 1 under battery that is very hard to see . also your drain tube is next to it . I had a little trouble getting the heater box back in , th right edge was hitting the radio antenna I took a grinder to the edge wear it goes by it and it slipped right in , no problem . my biggst bitch was it started to leak again the next day so i did it again ( bad solder joint)(not owner area)nthis time had it in and out in 30 minutes . good luck
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          Done! The tip on the four bolts was key. Otherwise there was no simple way to identify them. I probably would have figured it out eventually, but it sure helps to know where to look.

          The connections where the heater control cables met up with the adjuster connectors on the heater box were pretty easy. You need to pull off the tension washer/nuts. But watch the plastic clips. I broke one of those, but it still seems to work fine. I undid the four nuts in the fire wall, and pulled gently. There was was one electrical connection that came apart with a little persuasion. Just bend the clip back with a flat head screwdriver and wiggle while you pull.

          The core is held into the shroud assembly with two screws, and about a dozen small sheet metal screws that hold the back plate onto the front plastic cover. The old core had obvious corrosion spots where it had been leaking.

          PUtting it back was a lot easier with a helper. It really helped to have wifey on the other side of the firewall. She put the nuts back on the bolts to keep it from dropping back down. Made the radiator line connections to the core and all was good. I assumed outgoing water ought to go to the top of the core....

          Other maintenance: The fuel line was leaking a bit between the fuel pump and the hard metal line from the tank. There is about 8" of rubber line above the driver's side rear wheel well. When I first saw a puddle I thought that wheel's brake cylinder was leaking but it turned out to be just gas. I parked the jeep on an incline to put the tank below the disconnect point on the line and undid the hose clamps. 3/8" fuel line from PEP Boys was the right stuff. It turns out that the old line was starting to split on both sides! If it happened out in the woods some electrical tape would've held it, but I feel much better not dripping gas!
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            Hey guy's thanks for the help. Knowing where those 4 bolts were was all I needed.....The only problem I had was forgetting my new core at home. I was doing the work at my stepfathers garage......But I got the job done, it just took a little longer with the extra trip home......