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  • CB's

    I have been having problems lately with my CB. I was wondering if i need to take it somewhere to get the antenna cut a certain length or get it set up or something? Because the only thing i can pick up was my friends CB...and that's only when we were less than a hundred yards from each other. Do i have a bad cb or what??

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    most likely it needs to be tuned...

    If you ask Rick nicely...he could probably do it for you

    Are you coming up to do Los Coyotes with us this weekend?

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      I don't think so...i am going to a toy drive thing...i forgot where it was at...but i am gonna be in the cool jeep parade that they have goin on there...i don't even know what place you are talking about lol fill me in??


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        JeepGall is right, you need your antenna tuned.

        More specifically, you need your Standing Wave Ratio (SWR) tuned. Without getting too technical, your SWR affects how much power is being put out, versus how much is reflected by the antenna back into the radio.

        Everyone read this correctly the first time, I don't need another arguement on this BB. For TRAIL USE, a ratio of 3:1 or less is acceptable, if you are planning on using your CB for more than just the trail, you should aim for a ratio of 2:1 or less.

        If this sounds like greek to you, go to a CB shop and spend the few dollars to let someone do it, or a friend who understands and is willing to help. Just don't start cutting, you can cut too much off and then the antenna is trash.



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          SWR only matters for transmit

          Receive problems may also be related to the antenna and the connection to the radio. Try connecting your current antenna setup to a known good radio and see how receive is.

          Alternatively, your friends radio may be the one with the SWR problem and therefore weak transmit power. Check your reception against known good transmitter.
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