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    I have a couple questions about body lifts. I have a 3 inch body lift sitting in my room and i want to install it..but i have no idea where to get started. I know what needs to get done and all...but i just don't know where to start. Also i was wondering if i needed a steering extension. I have called a hundred 4x4 places and some have told me i do...and others say that everything you need is right in the box...but i don't understand how my steering could stay the same and not need an extension if it is going to be raised 3 inches away from the Another thing is my brake there enough play in them to give for the 3 inches?? or do i need to buy all new brake lines that are longer? And last but not least...there is a lip on my front winch would prevent the body from lifting because it would get caught on that 4 inch there anyway to get around that without having to pull my whole winch off and everything or what?? I appreciate the help a great deal...i am young...ignorant...and eager to learn. Thanks a lot.


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    I am young...ignorant...and eager to learn.
    Damnit but youve gotta love honesty

    speaking of which...Ill be honest with you. Im a bit worried about 3" of body lift. Do you have any suspension lift with that as well? Ive heard that body lifts, especially 3", have a tendency to be a bit unstable while wheeling...:/ I was hesitant to do 1".

    I installed my 1" without any problems, but I think 3" is an entire different story. Ask Erik...Im sure he has some input here.


    2002 TJ on 35s a bit of lift with some stuff
    Rock-ItMan all the way around


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      I will have a suspension lift...i have two springs i just need to more and shackles...also on the mile long list to do to my jeep thanks for the advice...i was thinking of downsizing on the body lift also...but i was looking more in the direction of how to put the things in lol...


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        I am getting ready to add a 1 inch body lift ot my cj7.It already has a 2 inch suspension lift and the 33's are on.I just need a lil' bt more room.I will be hitting the fenders when I flex.But 3 inches of body lift sounds a little bit too much.When you go that high,you need steering box work and all kinds of stuff.Like Tam said,the jeep will become unstable.I think you should save your money for a suspension kit instead of put the 3 inch body lift on you jeep.

        Just my $0.02.



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          Welp here is a writeup on a TJ. I used the same writeup myself on my 00.

          Its only a 1-inch lift and your doing a 3-inch which will more than likely need to address the gas tank filler tube and maybe some lines under your hood.

          Personally I would not install a 3-inch. The rubber or nylon pucks your going to install look rather aweful when its installed with the HUGE gab in between your body and frame. ITs a cheap alternative to a suspension lift, but I would invest in a budget lift over a large body lift as that.

          Speaking of budget lifts I happen to have a link for that one as well to show you the simplicity of the budget lift.

          I vist that site often and share links with the author. He is very knowledgeable and very helpful if you have any questions regarding his writeups.

          Er, something tells me this might help a lot since I just noticed in your signature your driving a CJ.

          Found a CJ 1-inch lift for you as well.

          Write-ups, Dealer/Club listings, Personal websites welcome and useful Jeep info.


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            Yeah over a period of time and a lot of advice i have realized they aren't what the yare cut out to be. On friday i am going to get a 4" Suspension lift and 2" shackle...then MAYBE after that go with a 1" body or somethin...but i took back my 3" body lift and got my money back...and i have the money for the suspension thats what i am going for...



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              I like to think of body lifts as just a bit extra. I would not rely on my body lift for anything other than a bit more fender clearence.
              Write-ups, Dealer/Club listings, Personal websites welcome and useful Jeep info.


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