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    hey guys & gals i was wondering what i should do with my 1985 cj7....i was thinking mabey a lift? but what do u think i sould up grade first?

    Thanx a bunch

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    Suspension is always good first thing to get . but if you really want to take it offroad u need to get some armor for your vitals.


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      Originally posted by SodyClack
      u need to get some armor for your vitals.
      Sody's right, you'd be amazed where a stock jeep can take you, beef up the rocker panels, gas tank and oil pan first, as you'll only end up doing it later. then get out there and wheel it! And upgrade the other stuff as your skill and adventurous spirit take you to harder trails, a good driver can drive most of the rubicon stock! Jeep vehicles get their trail rated status from Jeeps engineers taking them over the trail stock!
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        i disagree i'd go with the lift!!!!! for 1 reason bumpers are good but height will keep u unstuck bumpers will only keep u protected!!!! all depends......
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          i would also dissagree beacuse a stock cj istnt really built for hardcore offroading, but i would agree on getting the rocker panels and skids, they give you so much more confidence, not working about anythin, just crawl over stuff
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