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Fan clutch cheap fix for trail runs


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  • Fan clutch cheap fix for trail runs

    I went on a trail run Sat, and within the first hour the heap over heated. Coolant was/is full, everything seemed to be working fine (water pump and related parts). Checking everything out, after I got it to start again, and noticed the fan had one speed.....very slow. You could stp it with your fingers is how slow it was spinning. It wasn't blowing any air or pulling any through the radiator.

    Instead of calling it quits, because it took $30 to fill up and $20 to get in with a passenger, we came up with some great red neck engineering to continue wheeling. The fan clutch went out so the fan was basically free spinning with out any torque.

    I wish I would have brought the camera so I could have got a pick of this...
    What we did is got some heavy duty zip ties, wrapped one around each fan blade to the shaft that the fan clutch is attached to. Then we took one to tie around all the ones on the fan to keep it all tight. Started it and it was slipping a little, so we added a few more and tried again. It held for the rest of the day (5 more hours) and my temp only reached 210 while at idle and stayed below 210 while on the move.

    Carry zip ties with you on the trails, they have numerous functions. My fan clutch has 33k on it and it went with out any warning, so you never know when you might have to rig something up to keep cool.
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