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Any Body use this type of torch setup?


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  • Any Body use this type of torch setup?

    Its pretty cool
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    Looks like an interesting option for cutting mild steel, but I 'd have some reservations about comparing the quality of welds to TIG. I'd much rather fly in an airplane that had its cro-moly engine mount TIG'd rather than gas welded.

    Maybe I'm just enamored by Heli-arc

    As far as cutting goes, I think the single acetylene nozzle is a good idea as there is no need to heat the trailing edge of the cut, but that means you might be contorting and dancing around your work if you are cutting anything other than a straight line as the flame needs to always be leading the oxygen in the cut.
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      looks like the set up time would take way to long . could be an interesting thing to carry on the jeep , as an all in one type of welding /cutting system .