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  • OBA ideas/questions

    i saw a 7 gallon tank for 20 buckeroos at wally world. i know its on the larger side(i do have a cherokee so i got some extra space plus me roof rack for whatever other crap i can think of.) but what do you think of filling it with a compressor at home and then just strappin that sucker in the back of the jeep and using it to air back up? any problems i might have? what kind of valve does a tank like this have to fill it up? a regular vavle that a tire air compressor can fill??
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    ooo yea didnt think about that so lets see if i need to fill four tires from say 15 psi to 30 psi that would be 15psi per tire so i would need 60psi above the 30 psi that i would need to fill it(since thats when the tank wont hold any more air). so i would need be able to put out 90psi with a seven gallon tank.....ok im stuck lol. i wonder how many gallons of air are in a 31x10.50 tire at 30 psi, any one know how to figure that one out? how about if i got a smaller tank like a 5 pound tank and got that sucker filled with CO2 i see a tank that can handle 1800psi lol thats a ton! but like if i got it filled to 150 or 200? hmmm hmmm hmmmm

    ok back to the original you think it would work with 4 31s from 15ish-30ish? your 33s needed prob quite a bit more air.

    i also saw an 11 gal tank....thats getting pretty darn big(sizewise)

    I do have a cheapy 12v compressor but it can only go for like 5min then it needs to rest.

    and also how can i setup the cheap air compressor to switch on when the tank is low on air? is it possible with what i have?
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    87 XJ 3" lift, 31s-thats all thats worth mentioning


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      I say you get a 5 gallon tank and a decent 12v compressor, add some fittings and some air line, and there you go. OBA!

      or convert your A/C, ask Chuck about that (cbremer).
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        A few years back I bought a kit that has a check valve that scews into a spark plug hole with a long hose and gauge. I increase my RPM's to about 1200 and I have a compressor for inflating my tires. It's a bit slow but it's cmpact and maintenance free.


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          i would convert the compressor to a pump cuz that would be awesome but 2 problems...AC doesnt work and i dont know if its the compressor or what and it gets over 100 here in the summer and that is NOT fun without AC, this summer im dealing with it but it sucks...nothing like getting to where your going and being sweaty.

          i guess my new plan is to do a CO2 setup using a tank from this place:

          and then getting the fittings and hose here

          from what ive read a 10 gallon tank can fill 20 31x10.50 tires from 5psi to 30 and ill never air down that low. so im thinking of getting a 5 pound bottle and prob airing from 15 or around there to 30ish
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          87 XJ 3" lift, 31s-thats all thats worth mentioning


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            I converted the stock Sanden A/C compressor (92YJ) to OBA

            I bought most of the parts from they were very helpful with all my (dumb) questions.

            The result: 35s 10psi - 25 in about 1 min. I haven't actually timed it....but... my pal was airing up with his ARB fart-box and he allows 5 mins per tire - I was finished before he had the first tire done.

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              Originally posted by JeepJunkie

              i guess my new plan is to do a CO2 setup
              Try Williams Balloons for a much cheaper regulator...cost me <$40.

              See my write-up on my on-board CO2 setup
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                If you SCUBA dive then get an adapter to hook onto an air tank to take with. Just make a secure mount for it in the Jeep. Normal SCUBA tank is 80 gallons @ 3000 psi when full. That should fill up a lot of tires
                It's a Jeep thing, my wife doesn't understand.