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GM mirror install - auto dim, outside temp and compass


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  • GM mirror install - auto dim, outside temp and compass

    I took the mirror from a 2002 tahoe, and one from and older model, they both work, and wired it into the jeep.

    the factory wiring harness has 7 terminals to plug it into, I only had to use 4 of the terminals and used some GM wiring connectors to make my own plug.

    I had the schematics for the mirror and a truck that had a factory one in it so I had all the right wiring colors and knew where they we suposed to go.

    hooked up a positive and negitive - this operates the compass and the auto dim features.

    then two of the terminals run to the sensor that is mounted into the grille for the outside air temp.

    Easy wiring on the thing. I think they run about $250.00 to buy an aftermarket kit. You could get the mirror at the junk yard or if you have access to a source (me, I work at a dealership and we had a few wrecks that were totaled out by the insurance company)

    I bought the sensor for about $15.00 and the connector for about $15.00.

    Really makes it nice to have the mirror dim when someone is behind you. The temp reading is pretty cool to have and the compass is just a nice little toy- I have my gps-

    The one mirror will show the temp and heading at the same time and the other you have to push a button to switch back and forth between the two. I put the second in for now because it fit the existing button for the mirror better, will switch them out later when I replace the button on the windhsield.

    you need wiring diagrams let me know and I will put it online.
    1997 Jeep Wrangler

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    nice trick!
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      I've toyed with the idea of doing this for a while now. I'd love to see the wiring diagrams
      I got your jeep thing, now it burns when I pee