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Painless wiring???


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  • Painless wiring???

    Hello all, I am new here and to the jeep world! I picked up an old CJ7 (81) from my dad for $400, and I decided to rebuild the I6, and since the jeep had been sitting outside for 2 years without moving, the wiring was pretty bad. I bought a painless wiring kit and after getting everything hooked up, I go to turn the key and I first checked the lights, dash stuff, and heater and I got all excited, but when I went to start it, the starter relay just started clicking and vibrating, but the starter didn't turn over. I then put some jumper cables, from my Z28, on the battery, and it didn't help either. My voltmeter said I had like 16 amps, so I think that is plenty for it to start?? I am not sure I have everything hooked up correctly, because the instructions that came with the wiring kit wasn't very "painless" if you know what I mean. I am trying to get a since of how this ignition system works so here is what I got. I have an ignition module underneath the washer fluid bottle with 2 connectors, one with 4 wires and the other with 2 (red and white) I also have this box over by the starter relay that I have no idea what it is, I currently have nothing hooked up to it, so I hope i don't need it!! Is there a way I can check the starter without taking it off? It only has one wire going to it from the solenoid. Has anyone had any experience with this? I am not sure what style of ignition I have, and according to this "manual" I have, I need to know that before I can be sure everything is correct! I am at a loss and pullin my hair out! Any advise would be greatly appreciated!


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    How did you manage to get an amperage reading from a volt meter?

    I've had some experience with Painless wiring products (I've installed a dual battery solenoid on my own vehicle, and a full wiring kit in my brothers CJ). Both projects went without a hitch, and the products worked perfectly the first time, and each and every time since installation. The one thing that they can't seem to emphasize enough in their instructions is that you must follow the instructions to the very letter! They state that repeatedly throughout their manuals. If the instructions stated that you must correctly identify specific details about the electrical components of your vehicle prior to starting the installation, then you should have done so.

    Having said that; it sounds as though your starter solenoid is fried, or your bendix may be sticking (assuming that you have installed the product in accordance with the style of ignition system that your vehicle was equiped with). Additionally, I would immediately obtain a correct service manual for the vehicle, and make sure that you have identified the components that needed to be identified in order to correctly install the kit. Those kits aren't cheap, and it would be a shame to burn one up on account of not following directions.

    Above and beyond all else, don't lose patience with the project. Get the information concerning your existing wiring (as per the instructions). Start from the beginning of the manual, and go over each and every detail of the installation process. Double check all of your work, and all of your connections. Then do it again. When they say you must follow the directions to the letter, they mean it!

    Good luck!


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      You don't have to take the starter off, just use the po man's solenoid: take a jumper cable and hook it to the positive battery terminal, then stick the other end on the solenoid terminal with the wire that goes to the starter. The starter should engage and turn the engine over. If it doesn't, the starter is bad. If it does, the solenoid is bad. (You can also take a screwdriver and jump the solenoid terminals together, but this sometimes ruins the screwdriver. ) Note that the starter will continue to turn as long as you keep the cable on the terminal, so don't hook it on there and leave it... Also, it will start even if it's in gear and the clutch is engaged!!! Be careful.

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        All righty then! I will give that a shot and see what happens! I have been checking out some pics of jeeps from the board, and there are alot of good lookin older jeeps on here! I hope I can add one more!