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  • new guy with questions

    Hi everyone,

    I,m new on this site and have a 93 Cherokee XJ with the 4.0 HO.

    I just got rid if my 86 CJ7 with 71k miles on it and was NEVER off road, hardtop, 5 speed, tilt,pwr steering & brakes, but had no AC and we live in southern NM, HOT real HOT wife said it has to go. I cried but hey, I have to live with her.

    Got this XJ from the orig. owner, 59k never off road, old man got the thing for snow, we haven't had snow here in years.

    We live on a lake with mountains in every direction with lots of trails. We both also ATV a lot.

    Enough of the above just thought I would give a little background.

    My questions are :
    1. Can anyone tell me the diff. between the 4.0 and the 4.0 HO engines?

    2. What would be a good locker for the rear, has the Chrysler 8.125. Have heard abot the Detroit E-Z locker. Any info.?

    Sorry this is so long.

    Joe D.

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    The early 4.0 had a similar (but slightly different) head design to the 4.2L engines. The intake ports are much lower on the non-HO engines, thereby requiring the intake gases to make more of a 90 degree turn into the combustion chamber. The HO model has the intake ports starting higher to allow a more gradual transition into the cylinder. When I had my machinist look at the HO head versus my non-HO head, he said not to waste my money porting the HO head, as it was not a major detriment and is well enough designed as it is. You may gain a few horses by porting an HO head, but it will be expensive horsepower. You may also gain a few horses by porting a non-HO head, but it will probably still not be as good as a stock HO head.



    p.s.- I can't believe you got rid of an '86 CJ with 71k on it...shame...
    1986 CJ-7; 4.6L stroker, balanced & blueprinted; 5" lift, 35x1250 MTRs, Poison Spyder Full Width kit,
    My Jeep

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      Thanks for the info Rick, I have asked several people and no one knew.

      Ya, I should be whipped with a noodle for getting rid of the CJ but had it 2 years and drove it less then 200 miles, the thing was in mint condition most the miles were behind a motorhome.

      But now I got the XJ which is also in very good origanal condithion and runs very well.

      Getting ready to do a locker as soon as I get more info. on one for the Chrysler 8.125. Also the K&N cold air intake and exhust system.

      Again thanks,

      Joe D.