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  • Flywheel and crank

    im not assuming anyone here knows off the top of their head...but i was wondering if anyone knew of knew where i could find information on the flywheel of an 85 cherokee. I am bought the jeep recently and when i took the engine and transmission out and took them off each other i found the flywheel bolts were shorn off. so im asking if anyone knows how many bolts are supposed to attach the flywheel to the crank. There were six bolts laying in between the clutch and flywheel and i was assuming thats how many there were. alhtough where it attaches to the crank there are 8 holes one i know isnt threaded but the other im not sure if it was or is supposed to be. when my dad called a dealership they wanted to sell him 7 bolts. this is really throwing me off does anyone have any ideas? its all i need to do to fix my car and start wheelin is fixin those bolts. so any help will be awesome
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    Look at the flange on the crankshaft, and count the holes there. All the threaded holes for the flywheel will be the same size, on the same radius, and evenly spaced from each other.

    Sorry I can't give you a direct answer to your quesion, it has been a long time since I put a clutch in anything except my old truck (even then, it has been 8 years or so).
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