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232/258 mixup, HELP Please!


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  • 232/258 mixup, HELP Please!

    I had apart a 232 and a 258 within the same timeframe and got the danged flywheels mixed up.
    One is noticeably heavier and when viewed from the back<crank side> has most of its mass concentrated more towards the center than the other flywheel which is a bit lighter and has most of its mass in a ring closer to the outside of the flywheel closer to the starter ring.
    Anyone know the difference as to which is for what engine? The height is the same from the mounting flange to the flywheel face....
    I hope someone here knows or has one or the other apart at this time and can e-mail me a pic of the crank side of the flywheel.
    Thank you very much, and help me get this thing going again!

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    I cant really help you, but Jim79CJ7 or Rick might be able to. Hang out for a while, they're out of town, I think. In the mean time see if you can get a hold of pictures or parts manuals to see if they have specs of the different flywheels. Good Luck!
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      Auto or manual? I don't think I can answer this without pulling my I have a flywheel off a '94 with an auto laying in the garage, so I can tell you what that looks like, but I honestly couldn't tell you what my 258 manual looks like without seeing a picture. If you can, email a picture to me. My email is rick at I could probably tell which one is a 258 by looking at it (probably).
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